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Coral Reef High School

      M A G N E T   A R T    

Coral Reef High School

10101 S.W. 152 Street

Miami, FL 33157

Information on Auditions for Magnet Art 

VISUAL ARTS – Applicants will:

1) Bring a one page PRINTED résumé including an Artist Statement and attach a photo of yourself- not to exceed 5"x7".

(Please put your name on the back of your picture.) 

2) Submit a FULL portfolio containing ten (10) examples of your best independent artwork using a variety of media inside. The portfolio should include observational/real-life drawings and paintings, observational sketches and finished work.

(We do not accept cartoons, character work, animation, digital, manga or anime).

3) Submit a FULL sketchbook reflecting the range of their independent artistic explorations. 

4) Participate in person at a studio session which will test their ability to draw from observation and imagination with a variety of media. A continuous line drawing, an observational drawing and a self portrait in different materials.

5) Be interviewed individually. 

Note: All art applicants must have successfully completed at least one year of formal art training during the middle school years. Please do not submit copy work from the internet, pinterest, social media, cartoons, manga, anime, animation, etc. We are looking for traditional art.

Not sure what to have in your sketchbook or Portfolio?

 Here are some GREAT suggestions:

1-Draw 2 Hands in 2 different positions. 6B Pencil.

2- Arrange a Still Life with a variety of objects and use a strong light source. Draw the still life. 6B Pencil.

3- Close up study: Draw an object that is shiny from direct observation. 6B Pencil

4- Typography Design: Draw and shade a large design using only letters and numbers to create imaginative space in reality. 6B Pencil/Colored Pens.

5-Mixed media interpretation of a political idea or thought. Any materials except for watercolor, magazines and newspaper.

6-Exploration of interior settings. 6B Pencil/Colored Pencils.

7-Draw a bicycle with its shadow in the sun. 6B Pencil.

8- Drawing of 3-4 tools overlapping each other. 6B Pencil

9-Create a charcoal drawing of two of the same shoes together. Different positions.

10- Create an optical illusion. Black marker.